Transplant: Day 9

Hello, fam!

Just a quick update today: Considerable amount of nausea and fatigue since I woke up this morning, but that’s all just part of the game. According to my nurses, everything is going well and I’m handling all the side effects admirably. Personally, I consider the fact that I’ve yet to poop in my bed to be my biggest achievement. Seriously. I end every day with a quiet, but celebratory, “yessssssss” for that very reason.

I’m also proud to say that I still haven’t lost my mind. I would certainly prefer to be at home, but somehow this whole 3-week hospital stay thing has been… tolerable? Yeah, let’s say tolerable. Tolerable is a good word. I’d certainly rather be at home, on my couch, playing my Xbox, with my only concern being to avoid pooping on things that I actually own, but I can handle this too.

One thing that is helping me through this is that I’m never lonely. My wife is here every day, and I FaceTime with my son as soon as he wakes up, and before he goes to bed. Today, my very pregnant friend “White Amy” made her second appearance at Casa De La Stem Cells, and my mother and grandmother came to visit for the first time. They brought Wingstop. Speaking of Wingstop, how have they not contacted me about some manner of sponsorship yet?

I also got a few very pleasant surprises today:

My buddy Steve sent me a Jimmy John’s sammich all the way from South Carolina. I mean, the sandwich itself didn’t come from South Carolina, he ordered it from South Carolina. It came from down the street.

(I have no picture of the sandwich, because I ate it too fast.)

…and my wife’s friend Joy sent me this darling expletive-emblazoned hat.


…and finally, my friend Angela sent me a beautiful card and a medal she received after a race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. How sweet is that?




Oh!!! …and guess what? We’re almost halfway home 🙂




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