Transplant: Day 10

I have a confession: I almost skipped writing today.

Physically, I feel as bad as I have since this all started. The nausea is pretty bad, and I’m finally feeling some of the other side effects that I have been able to avoid so far. I’m insanely tired. So tired that I didn’t even go for a walk today. Alright. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Just kidding.

Raggedy body aside, today was pretty good. My lovely bride made her daily visit, with a special guest in tow – my dear friend Jessica, all the way from Washington, DC. If you know me personally, you’ve heard all about my extended family in the DMV. Long story short, when we moved to DC, Jessica and her husband Orrin became our first real friends in the area. We’d hang out regularly and drink like maniacs, celebrate all the important holidays together, and were even present for the births of each other’s first children. Over time, a new couple would pop up here or there, and before we knew it, there was about 20 of us including all of the new babies. We are a village in every sense of the word.

Jessica has always been the glue that held our little rag-tag family together. She’s one of the most generous, humble, and selfless people that I’ve ever met. She’s also the queen of getting things done. Time for a party? Jess will plan it, host it, and handle every single detail without complaining. Going through a breakup? Jess will promptly destroy your ex and reassemble your broken heart. Got cancer? Jess will send a cleaning lady to your house, schedule regular food deliveries, send care packages from the village, and fly 1,000 miles on a random Tuesday to help organize your ever-growing island of unopened mail.

Jess and I have a unique term for our relationship: soul-siblings. It’s like having soulmate, but in the best buddy kinda way.

I probably would’ve kept typing about Jess and my crew forever, but apparently my body decided to turn my heart rate up a couple of notches and now I have to get half naked for an EKG.

(Don’t worry. I’m fine.)






And the babies that started it all.



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