Guest Post: Transplant Day I Don’t Know They’re Running Together (it’s Jennifer)


It’s me. Jennifer. I’m giving Justin a well-deserved break from blogging, and bringing you a report from the field.

A quick health update: shit is getting weird, as promised. There is blood, white blood cells are basically gone, fatigue and nausea are high, and more. The good news is that none of this is unexpected, and the doctors have it under control. The bad news? Blood, no immune system, puke, etc. But again: Justin is progressing just as his care team expects him to be, and is doing quite well, other than normal side effects. 

Justin is a tough guy. No joke. I am so impressed and proud when I watch him brave these awful side effects without complaining. So that part is more of the same. But the being apart thing is HARD. He and I have lived together a long time. The house is too quiet. Noah doesn’t get my jokes yet. Plus, there’s no partner-in-crime when your kid has a fever for three days and you need to go to work. That happened. So, as you may have guessed, we are quarantined, but everything is under control. No hospital visits, just in case Noah’s germs decide to hitch a ride to a hospital floor full of unsuspecting hosts.

I kind of feel like Justin orchestrated a Make Sure Jennifer Doesn’t Go Crazy campaign behind my back, because Noah and I feel your tremendous love and support every day. Justin is the King of Birthday Celebrations, and I was worried that he would be worried that I would sit alone in the house all day on my birthday this week. I didn’t! Our family and friends made sure the show went on. I missed having him there, but I know that he’s away so that we can celebrate many more birthdays together, not just my [redacted]th year.

So we are doing well with lots of help. Looking forward to a fever-free 24 hours so that I can make my triumphant return to my favorite oncology floor and resume bossing people around (mostly
Justin, the nurses know what they’re doing).

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